The Bourgeois Pig

Theatre Club & Bar in Prague


“Off to Gulag you filthy bourgeois pig!”

Once the Communist Party apparatus was established in Czechoslovakia in 1948, Soviet communist propaganda had a significant influence on it. The Czechoslovak Communists were ordered by the Soviets to carry out purges, and the country hosted the biggest show trials. The purges affected 28,000 people, but historians estimate this number to be closer to 250,000. The Bourgeois Pig was a favorite term among communists to humiliate virtually anyone who wasn’t a member of the Communist Party. Anyone who was given the label “the bourgeois pig” was branded an enemy of the state and was either fired from their employment, sent to a labor camp or executed by hanging. That label marked the start of the communist party’s 40-year dictatorship over the country. The brutal, dark, and terrifying era. According to estimates, between 1948 and 1989, more than 550,000 people emigrated from Czechoslovakia. Nobody gave the survivors a feeling of justice. Justice for crimes against humanity committed in the name of the Communist Party hasn’t been pursued very often. Our history hasn’t taught us much. We recycle the same patterns. 


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