The idea behind The Bourgeois Pig was simple: combine and share the things we love. We love the forgotten beauty of vinyl album cover art and that warm vinyl sound. Music that speaks to the soul. Rainy days and the smell after it rains. Rainbow. Ristretto. The Italian way. Thick foam on a cappucino. Inspirational tattoos. Vanilla smoothie. Singing loudly and a lot of craziness. The sound of crashing waves. The smell of coconut sunscreen. The movie Hair and The Bridges of Madison County or any movie with Meryl Streep. The perfect Raspberry Martini. Nirvana. Abba. Tchaikovsky. The Woodstock. It would be a good idea. Gypsy songs. The little green fairy. Setting a spider free outside rather than smashing it. Sexy souls, passion and the  Spanish Merlot.  Vintage frames. Comfy pillows. Childhood photos. The kind you have to scan or snap to get online.  The first snow and warm blankets for winter. Slipping on your favorite wool sweater on Sunday morning.  Oh, those lazy Sundays when we’re closed. Birthday cakes. Planning a party. California. Marakesh. New York City. Greece. Italy. Paris. Prague. After all, Prague is always a good idea. Seeing the word homemade on a menu. The word Love. The word Namaste. Rubbing a Buddha’s belly. Pistacio cocktails and the taste of freshly squeezed lemon in Gin & Tonic. Humanity. Animals. Living creatures. Waterfalls. Yoga. The sound effect of a Buddhist ritual gong. The smell of old books. Old handwritten postcards. Art galleries. Paintings. Being inspired and moved. Freedom. Farmer’s Markets. Fresh bread. Sunflowers. Hummus and Pita. Sailboats, big white sail raised over blue clear sky. Eclectic furniture. Everything with a soul.  Handcrafted. Made with love.  Authenticity. Taking pictures on Instagram.  Kisses. A big tight hug.  Elderflower lemonade. A candle lit room. Reconnecting with people after many years apart.  Abracadabra! Nope. You’re still a bitch.  Seeing people in the moment and genuinely happy. Coexistence. Equality. Sharing table. Quiet dishwashers. Growing plants or flowers. Leaving the doors open all day. Hearing kids making each other laugh. Being able to speak in another language. Our Frida Kahlo’s little corner. Funny quotes. The Italian olives picked by hand. Dark chocolate with extract of chilli. New jeans that fit perfectly. Be at peace. Feeling comfortable in your skin. When someone says we helped them to feel home.



A Quirky House 

Our house  is reminiscent of  our grandma’s kitchen filled with love,  hippie mother’s eclectic  bedroom and our  dad’s a.k.a almost totally forgotten rock star’s budhistic sanctuary living room, but  with enough the laid-back vibes to keep you flying high all night. You’ll get past the door rocking a beanie and sneakers. Oh, and we have the best host and bouncer in the house. Our lovely 11 years old labrador/vizsla shelter dog by name Pablo Neruda. Don’t be afraid. Say hello! Our dog  helped us evolve into the place we are today. If you are allergic to dogs, take a chill pill or please simply don’t come here.

Our music club&bar is a mixed sort of place. You’ll find here everything from nothing and nothing from everything. It doesn’t even matter if you’re young or you feel too old, gay or straight, happily unemployed or you’re still a corporate slave, social rebel or the paranoid  patriot. Just please get rid off the label nonsense, take a deep breath, order a cocktail and chill. Our quirky place will permanently destroy your age barriers, gaydar and your social and cultural illusions. It’s more a question of coexistence without judgement, because at the end nothing really matters. All that matters to the heart is how we love. That’s our strongest mantra here. Let’s say we run on more loving & caring vibes and whatever we do – we do with love and that’s done well here. For ourselves and for others.  Please come with your open heart & mind and simply have a joyful  night with us.

„Let’s Kick Out The Filthy Bourgeois Pig!“

In 1948 the Communists seized power in Czechoslovakia and very often they used to describe anything distasteful or traditionalist or un-Communist by the very common commie slang  „The Bourgeois Pig“. Pretty much anybody who was labeled by commies as „The Bourgeois Pig“ became  enemy of the working class, lost the private property and were sent to  prisons or labor camps.  But the good news is that time flies and we are still here. Happily alive. If interested to learn a little bit more about the totalitarian era of Czechoslovakia please ask us about our special workshop  ART&MUSIC COMMUNIST CENSORSHIP

→ Our first The Bourgeois Pig Coffee Bar (Legerova Street, Prague 1938)