Are you ready to play?

Our booking philosophy is  pretty simple: anyone who wants to, and who we like is a allowed to play, whether you’re a rocker or a techno head. We absolutely love working with musicians with a sound that we can identify as having heart.  Our concerts are held in a wide variety and size of settings. We book local bands and solo musicians from all around the world as well.  We love working with artists who are booking their own tour and do own promotion to their social circle.

All booking inquiries and promotional material to showcase your music, should go through

Music Club

Booking Nights: Fridays or Saturdays  | 8pm – 10 pm

Stage size: 5 m x 2 m

Lighting: 1 Row Led Light + 3D Laser

Max capacity of a crowd: 120

Before sending any booking request, please read our short FAQ section and take it into consideration.

When we should contact you?

Generally speaking, we book about one or two months out from the current date. However, sometimes we do some sort of spontaneous concerts as well. Maybe not on our busiest nights – Fridays or Saturdays. The only thing you need to do is to let us know that you’re in Prague and we can manage some last minute concert for you at our club.   And honestly, we believe that those effortless concerts are the best. Simply, let’s see what comes out.

Are you going to promote my concert? 

We’re always looking for musicians and bands who will bring a crowd. Most likely musicians based in Prague. The biggest misconception musicians have about our venue is that our club is going to promote their show and bring people to the club. The only promotion we do for you is on our social media by creating the event. The rest is totally up to you. We’re a medium size music club with the max capacity around 120 people.

How about getting paid for my gig?

Most of our shows are not  presell and most of the time admission is free to The Bourgeois Pig. People come to our place to listen to music, drink and eat a little, and most importantly have fun. Each  guest is asked to help with the costs of the program by contributing fair share donations directly to the musician and/or band. We don’t take any cut or profit from that. Whatever you make it’s yours. Sometimes almost nothing, sometimes around 200 EUR. Everything  depends on you , so as with everything, we believe the straightforward communication with our guests is the key. Just simply asking for more money doesn’t hurt anyone. Oh, and we respect your talent a lot, therefore we  will always feed you with a nice dinner and give you some cocktail or drink on us.

Should we bring a PA System? 

We feature predominantly acoustic performances, if requested you can use our own combos, mics, stands and  our electro acoustic guitar.  If you’re a band please consider to bring your own Live Sound PA system.


Can I perform cover songs?

 Surely. You’re allowed to perform covers as well as original music.