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Famous for creative cocktails, dog and the perfect music.

Don’t really feel like leaving the hommie comfort  of your own living room for the evening, but still want to listen to some great music? Then trasnsform yourself to a living room that is probably a hell of a lot bigger than yours. The Bourgeois Pig is a genuine gypsy, artsy music club & bar in the centre of Prague serving creative signature cocktails and the best Martini in Prague. We’re all about the music. The true beauty of music that  connects people. It’s pure and it’s real. It moves, it heals, it communicates and does all  those incredible things. Learn more about who we are.


220m2 & Never Get Bored

To find us is the easiest thing. Just get  mentally off the beaten path in Prague. What we offer really does feel authentic. It all begins the moment you open our door. The Bourgeois Pig is a place you would never get bored if you’re not boring. Our guests from all around the world talk to each other about more or less everything – dreams and traveling, tattoos and taboos,  lives and insecurities. Be brave. Share. Talk to each other. And every time you do it, you grow a little more.  And please acknowledge the existence of others.



Walk-ins always welcome. We take a reservation only for a party of  five and more.

420 607 076 765 | bar@thepig.cz

Rent The Bourgeois Pig for your private event!

Rent The Bourgeois Pig for your private event!

What is your space accommodations?

We can accommodate over 100 guests/seats inside the bar. When you rent  The Bourgeois Pig , you have exclusive use of our bar, stage and extensive seating. We’re the perfect venue for almost any special occasion. Our  220m2 space provides an ideal setting for making memories and making magic. You and your guests  will love the vibe here. 

When is the bar available to rent?​

The bar can be rented any day & all-day.

What type of events do you host?

We do mostly the after concert party in Prague, private parties, weddings, workshops, receptions, banquets, movie interior location  shoots, photo shoots. you get the idea…

Can we bring our own booze?

Yes, you’re renting exclusively the whole 220m2 club&bar for your very own party. You can bring your own alcohol as well.

What are the food options?

We currently offer some bar food. Please check out out menu. However, you can bring in your own food or cater from any place you like.


How much does it cost to rent The Bourgeois Pig?

Prices may vary based on availability.

Mondays through Thursdays 25,000 CZK

Fridays and Saturdays  40,000 CZK 

Sundays 15,000 CZK,

We will also charge 150 CZK/hour for each bartender needed for the event.

My plans changed, can I get a refund?

While we cannot offer a refund for cancelled events, we can apply your payment towards another day based on availability.

Other questions?

Please contact us for further details.Please email bar@thepig.cz or call  +420 607 075 765


Our legendary 0.4 % THC signature cocktail. You have never tasted such a good mysterious cocktail before. It evokes a bohemian turn of the century opium party vibes.  

Everything You Need To Know About Absinthe

The Bourgeois Pig is also  recommended by many as one of the best Absintherie in Prague with  a more low-key feel. We’re offering more than 10 signature Absinthe based cocktails. And we know pretty much everything about this famous spirit. Just simply ask us about our special 1 hour Absinthe Workshop. We explore the traditional Absinthe rituals and taste sampling of drinking the real thing – Absinthe up to 80% alcohol from various world class makers and brands. Simply, you’ll become an expert on Absinthe – The Muse of Rebel Poets.