Special – Every Night 

Only 89 CZK

Cuba Libre

(rum, cola, lime)


(vodka, orange juice)

Bavarian – Bavorák

(fernet, tonic)


Experience the taste of Italy’s finest coffee with Lavazza. Lavazza masters the art and science of coffee since 1895.

Ristretto 69 CZK

Espresso 69 CZK

Cappucino 89 CZK

Caffé Latte 89 CZK

Macchiatto 89 CZK

Americano 79 CZK

Viennese Coffee 89 CZK

Algerian Coffee 119 CZK

Turkish Coffee 59 CZK

Iced Frappe Coffee 129 CZK


0.3 l Mattoni Sparkling 49 CZK

0.3 l Mattoni Still 49 CZK

1 l Mattoni Bottle 129 CZK


Linden Tea 79 CZK

Fruit Tea 69 CZK

Cannabis Tea 99 CZK

Jasmine Tea 69 CZK

Espresso Martini     

 149 CZK

(vodka, espresso coffee, coffee liqueur)


Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions. Chocolate understands. A real homemade treat for chocolate lovers.


We like the real thing. Our Grandmother’s lemonade. No artificial flavors here. This is the lemonade we grew up on. This is the real 100% bio lemonade that our grandmother would be so proud of it.

0.5 l Raspberry 79 CZK

0.5 l Ginger 79 CZK

0.5 l Elderflower 79 CZK

Signature Drinks & Cocktails

Marquis de Sade 249 CZK

(cognac, absinthe, cherry liquer, blueberries, dark chocolate)

How do you put the taste of this amazing and flaming absinthe cocktail into words? Sensual, seductive and infinitely strong. Order one if you dare.

L’Opium 199 CZK

(cannabis infused vodka, absinthe, black currant, poppy seeds, orange and our little big secret)

You have never tasted such a good mysterious cocktail before. It evokes a bohemian turn of the century opium party vibes.

L’Absinthe Spectaculaire 199 CZK

(70% Absinthe St.Antoine)

We’ll tell and show you everything you need to enjoy absinthe in the traditional manner in Prague. The preparation and the pure violet flame is very spectacular.

Thank You Mother Mary 149 CZK

(pistacio liquer, rum, martini, heavy cream)

This pistacio cocktail is not a virgin, but we make saints out of sinners. It’s creamy, rummy and so delicious. You might see Mother Mary and a light at the end of a tunnel.

Tinder Girl & Grindr Boy 149 CZK

(tequilla, blue curacao, peach juice )

Tired of all the online dating apps? This fresh green drink is brilliantly sweet and naturally cleanse your love hunting aura and/or wallet.

Hendrix’s Little Wings 149 CZK

(whiskey, wild cranberry, heavy cream)

This drink is a nighttime dreamy drink, comforting, sweet and creamy like white clouds. Give yourself wings and walk through the clouds riding the wind. Dream on.


Only 149 CZK

One of the best in Prague

James Bond’s Vesper

Dirty Martini




Banana Martini

Coconut Martini

Pistacio Martini

Hazelnut Martini

Raspberry Martini

Caramel Martini

Chocolate Martini

Blueberry Martini

Grapefruit Martini

Lemon&Lime Martini

Mint Martini

Strawberry Martini

Eggnog Martini

Espresso Martini

Drinks & Cocktails 0.2 l

Aperol Spritz 199 CZK

Mojito 179 CZK

Gin & Tonic 149 CZK

Screwdriver 149 CZK

Piña Colada 179 CZK

Strawberry Margarita 199 CZK

Cosmopolitan 149 CZK

We can make or customize any drink or cocktail just for you. Please ask.

0.2 Beton-Concrete 149 CZK

(becherovka, tonic)

Betón which translates as “concrete” in Czech is like a gin and tonic, a Becherovka and tonic features aromatic herbal and floral notes as well as a touch of bracing bitterness. But the Beton goes further, with strong flavors of clove, pine and even some cinnamon.

0.2 Adios Motherf*#ker 199 CZK

(vodka, rum, tequila, gin, blue curacao, sweet and sour mix, soda)

Let’s kill just about all the bacteria in your body. This could very well be your last drink today. Please wear our protective helmet when drinking this drink.

SUPERSIZE your drinks

0.5 L JUMBO XXL for only 249 CZK

Spirits and Liquers

Traditional Czech Spirits & Liquers

0.4 cl Becherovka Original 38% 89 CZK

0.4 cl Slivovitz Jelínek-Plums 45% 99 CZK

0.4 cl Absinthe St.Antoine 70% 199 CZK

0.4 cl Absinthe Fairy 70% 149 CZK

0.4 cl Cannabis Infused Vodka 40% 149 CZK

0.4 cl Babička Vodka 40% 179 CZK

0.4 cl Fernet Stock 29% 89 CZK

0.4 cl Eggnog Liquer 89 CZK

0.4 cl Vodka 79 CZK

0.4 cl Helsinki Vodka 99 CZK

0.4 cl Raspberry Helsinki Vodka 99 CZK

0.4 cl Carskaja Russian Vodka 99 CZK

0.4 cl Beefeater Gin 89 CZK

0.4 cl Gordon Gin 89 CZK

0.4 cl Bacardi Rum 89 CZK

0.4 cl Captain Morgan Rum 89 CZK

0.4 cl Johnnie Walker Red Label 99 CZK

0.4 cl Courvoisier Cognac V.S.O.P. 179 CZK

0.4 cl Ole MexicanaTequilla 89 CZK

0.4 cl Jägermeister 89 CZK

0.4 cl Pistacio Liquer 89 CZK

0.4 cl Coffee Liquer 89 CZK

0.4 cl Baileys 89 CZK

0.4 cl Vermouth Bianco 79 CZK

0.4 cl Cinzano Bianco 89 CZK

0.4 cl Martini Bianco 99 CZK

0.4 cl Campari Bitter 99 CZK

0.4 cl Aperol 99 CZK

BEER Bottled

The name Staropramen means „The Old Spring“ in Czech and refers to the crisp, balanced, rich taste of the beer produced in Prague from 1869.

0.5 l Staropramen 79 CZK

0.5 l Staropramen – Non-Alcoholic Beer 69 CZK


By the Glass 0.1 l

House White Wine – Chardonay 79 CZK

House Red Wine – Merlot 79 CZK


Czech Republic

0.75 l Habánské sklepy – Chardonnay 499 CZK

0.75 l Habánské sklepy – Sauvignon Blanc 499 CZK

0.75 l Habánské sklepy – Pinot Noir 499 CZK

0.75 l Habánské sklepy – Blue Frankish 499 CZK


0.75 l Tussock Jumper Chardonnay 999 CZK

Aromas of apricot, pear and green apple. Notes of walnuts and hazelnuts

White flower hints. Slight buttery finish.

Silver Medal Best Value Vin de France Selection 2015

Gold Medal Best Value Vin de France Selection 2014

Silver Medal Best Value Vin de France Selection 2013

0.75 l Tussock Jumper Pinot Noir 999 CZK

Dark with ruby tints. Delicate flavours of red and black berries mixed with floral notes. Hints of delicate wood and vanilla. Aromas of crushed black fruits and jam.

Gold Medal Best Value Vin de France Selection 2013

Silver Medal Best Value Vin de France Selection 2016

Gold Medal China Wine & Spirits Awards 2016

Gold Medal China Wine & Spirits Awards 2017


0,75 l Bohemia Sekt 499 CZK

0,75 l Moët&Chandon Imperial Brut 2,999 CZK

0.75 l Prosecco 599 CZK


We offer a variery of pastries, cakes and desserts baked fresh daily. We have something new and different everyday. Just please ask.

Homemade Toasts and Sandwiches

 Outstanding homemade toasts and sandwiches that work perfectly for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It comes with fresh tomatoes, olive oil and feta cheese on side. OK, simply the best toasts and sandwiches in the world.

Prague’s Ham and Cheese 149 CZK

Prosciutto and Cheese 149 CZK

Triple Cheese 149 CZK

Spicy Mexican 159 CZK

(Ham & Cheese, Tabasco Mayo, Salsa)

Salty Staff

150 g Křupky 49 CZK

Replace your movie theater boring popcorns with Czech traditional peanut butter coated popcorn. So good and addictive! And please learn to say ř in Czech.

150 g Puffed Cheese Twists 99 CZK

Crisp, and buttery puff pastry cheese twists that we love so much with wine, beer or mixed drinks. They disappear quicker than everything else when we bring them to the table.

150 g Tortilla Chips and Salsa 99 CZK

We are wondering what to write about tortilla chips. Oh, the triangle shaped tortilla chip was popularized by Rebecca Webb Carranza. OK, nice name. So please have Carranza’s chips.