Famous for creative cocktails and the perfect music on vinyl.

The Bourgeois Pig is an unpretentious, bohemian, gypsy punk queer hipster hangout bar and tiny vinyl shop in the centre of Prague, serving amazing signature cannabis-infused drinks, cocktails and the best Martinis in town. The busiest nights here are  full of a little craziness. Our cocktail bar is a mixed sort of place with gay, lesbian, and straight crowd. Our little charming place will permanently destroy your gaydar. It’s more a question of coexistence and  what sort of music scene you’re into. Turn off your dating apps and come as you are to lighten up,  relax and to meet new queer people in Prague.

Vinyl LP's
Bubbles in bottle of champagne
Dog's hair on the floor
Inspiring pictures on the wall

Never Get Bored

The Bourgeois Pig is a place you would never get bored.It all begins the moment you open our door (and hearts). Just imagine sitting in a totally unique setting, drinking our signature cocktails and getting to meet a bunch of interesting folks from all around the world with great stories to tell. The word authentic gets bandied about a lot when it comes to tourism, but what The Bourgeois Pig offers really does feel authentic.  Our guests talk to each other about more or less everything – dreams and traveling, tattoos and taboos, Kafka,  Prague, weed, kindness and beauty, lives and insecurities. Be brave. Talk to each other. And every time you do it, you grow a little more.

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Our Very Own #1 Signature Cocktail: L’Opium

(cannabis infused vodka, absinthe, black currant, poppy seeds, orange & our little big secret)

You have never tasted such a good mysterious cocktail before. It evokes a bohemian turn of the century opium party vibes.  You simply must try!


Please make your reservation early to help us secure the seats.

+420 607 076 765 | bar@thepig.cz

Are you ready to meet real people in real life?

Our  social events include small living room concerts, poetry readings, storytelling and book signings, pyjama parties, yoga mornings, tantra workshops, mixocology workshops, afternoon tea meetups,  quiz nights and many more. We make it easy and simple for people to socialize and meet. We are about having fun and see an opportunity to make new friends.  Feel free to contact us to share any thoughts, ideas or to suggest a meetup.

Vinyl Shop Inside

We have vinyl records that are rare, weird, unique and bizarre. Please check out our E-SHOP.